Day #1 : Vancouver, BC

Goodnight from Vancouver, BC… which is morning for our EST friends and family! Today was a long day for Tamara as she has been traveling since 3 am to make it here in time. We were able to get out and enjoy the downtown area, it’s beautiful here! Our first rally point was at 3:30 pm. We met all of the teams and were given the rules and important points for the trip. No travel information was given at that time, fast forward to our next meeting time which was 6:30 pm, and we walked to an amazing wine and 5 course dinner at Coast. At 9 pm, we received our next step… meet at the hotel lobby at 9 am… and we received our 48 hour Malaria notice. So, no, we still don’t know our first leg of the trip, but it

sounds like we’ll be here in town through tomorrow atleast 🙂

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  1. You are off to a great start! Have fun!


  2. You guys are going to do great!!! I can’t wait for the call from Amy telling me that y’all won. Be safe and take care of each other


  3. ha ha! Eat means chew ans swallow!


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