Day 6 : Myanmar

Crazy time zones, heat and competition stress has caught up to us. Myanmar has given us a bit of culture shock. We arrived picturing an outdated Buddhist area, but it became obvious at the amount of Eastern and Western influence the area has incorporated in such a short time since opening its borders. We are at the bottom of the barrel….top ranking teams have been to both Vietnam and Myanmar before and probably high-tailed it to neighboring cities for bonus points before we even opened our map. We are going to continue the trip and enjoy what we can! We only had a few afternoon/ evening hours to enjoy the city for today, but we’ll be in country for 4 days, with a twist…..we have to get out of town! There are scavenges in neighboring cities and we have to figure a way to get there and back by Saturday with strict instructions on the how part. Keep in mind, we can’t use electronics…so all travel reservations have to be done in-person directly at airports, train stations or hotels… which can leave you stranded 🙂 Click here for official Global Scavenger Hunt blog.

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  1. Regardless of where you are currently in the rankings, enjoy the experience. Memories and stories will be endless and cherished at the end of the day.
    Loving the pictures.


  2. regarding the second picture:is that an actual boat? or a building set on the water?


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