Day 7: Myanmar – Yangon to Bagan

Tamara and I decided to head north and change cities today to destress a little. We are so thrilled that we did, well except for the 104°F temperature! Our experience in Bagan has been way more authentic than the hustle of the inner-city. Who knew you could find an island oasis for only $50 USD/night 🙂 Keep in mind, no electronics could be used, so we had to seek out flights, hotels and travel information from a street travel agent. We head back to Yangon on Saturday morning. Our next rally point is Saturday night at 6 pm…. then we reposition again!

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  1. I cant even fathom the excitement of a different culture and country. I’m happy you were able to participate. You use your logic well. North is always good, better to go up than down or south. Happy hunting. Love you.🍞🍲🥣🥢

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