Day 13 : Jordan – Petra

A life bucket list for Amy checked off the books…. the amazing Ancient/Lost City of Petra! We hiked about 8 miles on top of 7 hrs of driving, two horse rides and riding donkeys up a stair cliff, but we made it! Being there in person does not even come close to the pictures. Eat your heart out Indiana Jones lovers 🏺 The last 3 pictures were from our ride back via a different route… we’re supposed to Trust Strangers in a Strange Land… and we did. Our taxi driver took us to an amazing view of the valley. I’m blocking out the truth that it was in Jordan, in a taxi, for almost 4 hrs. Happy to report we are safely in our hotel beds at the moment.

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  1. Absolutely undescrible photos. I’m in awe. Your descriptive trip sounds like an amazing adventure. I’m so happy you were able to experience this venture in your life. I love the donkey ride. How about the camel? Sounds like you are being very aware of your surroundings and travel habits. Enjoy, love you and be safe.


  2. Awesome posts! Enjoying your journaling!


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