Day 20 : Final Leg – Seville, Spain

We are on an overnight bus from Seville to Lisbon and they have Wi-Fi! Definitely love European conveniences🤯 Seville was beautiful and historic… the people and food were fantastic. One of our scavenges was to visit a Bull-Fighting Arena, when we arrived there, it was about to start. We only lasted 10 minutes watching it before it became unanimal friendly. Probably should have heeded the PETA warning. We also had some much needed catch-up on laundry that we snuck in before the bus ride…. really miss the laundry being cleaned, ironed and folded while in SE Asia….bummer. However, the music was American Pop from the 80s and 90s. They played the theme song from The Neverending Story… who knew! We also ran into 2 other teams catching late night buses in Seville, it’s so crazy….

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  1. Bull riding…know on my bucket list! Love ya


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