Day 22 : Homebound – Best of Edition

Friday was a travel day from Porto, Portugal to NYC. Since there’s not much to post, we decided to do a “Best Of” list…. here it goes! Official GSH Blog

  • Best Nightime Skyline – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Best Street Art – Marrakech, Morocco
  • Best Adult Beverage – Sangria in Spain
  • Best Taxi Ride – Jordan
  • Best City Destination – Old Bagan
  • Best View – Gibraltar
  • Best Hotel – St Regis, Abu Dhabi
  • Most Returnable City – Vancouver, BC
  • Best Locals – Seville & Myanmar
  • Funniest Moment – Scream heard around the island by Tamara, when a monkey jumped in her back😁 Gibraltar
  • Best American Experience out of America – Golf (Top Golf) in Vietnam
  • Most Romantic City – Athens, Greece
  • Best Attraction – Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar
  • Best Meal – Breakfast at Hotels!
  • Best Dessert – Chocolate marquise and Cheesecake Flan @ ElRinconcillo – Seville, Spain

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  1. So glad your experience and venture was educational and fun. Glad you are safe. Cant wait to hear more details. Love you and travel safely. Love you.


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